version 0.35
Answers to more questions on this page available in the future.
? Are there finally some pictures from ralf.ernst online ?
Yes, at ralles Fotogalerie.
? Where to find Formula 1 and GP2 Simulation Stuff ?
My F1-Stuff can be found at the Picture Gallery, or at Crashing F1, and my GP2-Stuff at ralle's HotLaps or at team woodcar.
? Can I download the ralf.ernst personal version 0.35 and is there a ralf.ernst newsletter available ?
Sorry, but there are no downloads and newsletters available at the moment - but perhaps it will be in the far future.
? Will there be a release of the update to version 0.36 ?
Right on the 23th of April 2002 there will be the release of version 0.36
? Why is Greifswald placed far behind the middle of nowhere ?
Maybe the gods had a bad day when creating those area. But perhaps the german Romanticism should get a chance on those place.
? Is this dada thing still alive ?
Perhaps there is still taken DADA ERNST, because it's worth it.
? Why are there no favourite links online anymore ?
Because Millions of other people have put their favourite links online in the meantime. But if Billions of other people put their links online, I will might do the same again.
? Has Albert Einstein finally swallowed his tongue ?
Everybody can check this out on this page.
? Why is there no Web-Cam from your home online ?
I am looking for some sponsors - so if you want to sponsor one more Web-Cam for the Internet, contact me.
? What was this email-addresse thing ?
For anybody not knowing my email-addresse yet, I will tell it only one more time: ralf-ernst@gmx.de
? Does the man really moved to Lippstadt ?
That's right - and I haven't regretted it until today.
? Did we learn something within the last year ?
Of course: They don't do it - It calms down after 3 months - Nothing had happened at the fireside.
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